Ea Kao Lake and things you should explore

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If you have the opportunity to visit the city of Buon Ma Thuot this summer, visitors will be bewildered, surprised and surprised by the natural beauty that makes many people nostalgic in Ea Kao Lake. Follow us to discover and admire the natural beauty of Ea Kao Lake!

Ea Kao Lake is an artificial irrigation lake of Dak Lak. In addition to achieving the criteria for irrigation, Ea Kao Lake is also a destination for many locals and tourists when coming to Dak Lak.

About 12 km southeast of Buon Ma Thuot city center, Ea Kao lake is located in the suburbs, in Ea Kao commune. From the city center, you can go to Ea Kao Lake down Le Duan Street, at the intersection with Y Wang Street, turn onto this road, then go straight for about 8km to reach Ea Kao Lake.

hồ Ea Kao

Ea Kao Lake has a large but not deep water surface area, combines with water from many streams and is always full of water at all times of the year. In the rainy season, the water surface of Ea Kao Lake rises to reach the dyke surrounding the lake, but in the dry season, the water level in the middle of the lake is only halfway below the pillow. For that reason, the Ede people in this land called this lake Ea Kao – which means the lake never dries up.

hồ Ea Kao

Although it is an artificial lake for irrigation purposes, Ea Kao Lake brings the wild beauty of the Central Highlands, blending with mountains and green forests to create a picture of a rustic, rustic and peaceful nature. quiet. Soft red soil with green grass, tiny yellow flowers adorn the landscape around Ea Kao Lake more lyrical and natural.

By Ea Kao Lake, visitors can watch the calm lake surface, which can give us the bass notes we deserve. To “slow down a beat” to think about what has been experienced, or simply to rest after tiring days by work. Relaxing with nature around Ea Kao Lake, you will find your heart is softer, more profound, cherish each breath of yourself and love this life more.

hồ Ea Kao

At different times, Ea Kao Lake exhibits different characteristics. If someone says that “Ea Kao Lake is always beautiful”, they have not fully appreciated this place. In the early morning, along with the chilly air, when the rays of the sun appear, it exudes a fresh beauty, a beauty full of energy. But when the sun reached its peak, everything turned hot, and so did Ea Kao Lake.

In the afternoon, this is the time when most tourists come to play. And that is also when Ea Kao Lake becomes the most peaceful and gentle. The cool breeze suddenly passed gently, making the water surface ripple with small waves. At night, the whole space around Ea Kao Lake puts on a jet-black shirt, making the scene even more mysterious.

hồ Ea Kao

Ea Kao Lake is also home to an extremely rich amount of seafood, which provides a large amount of freshwater fish for Buon Ma Thuot city. In addition, in the summer (the time when students start to leave school) the lake level is quite low. This is also the time when many people come here to “scratch mussels”, the perfect image is mixed by the natural scenery and the people here.

hồ Ea Kao

Along with the beautiful natural landscape, poetic space and fresh atmosphere, when visitors come here, they will surely be able to relax comfortably in the summer days, temporarily putting aside the noisy and bustling life of the city. big urban.

Ea Kao Lake is considered an interesting tourist destination of Buon Ma Thuot city and it is always ready to welcome visitors from everywhere. In this summer trip, do not forget to travel to Buon Ma Thuot to discover interesting experiences, enjoy the beautiful nature in Ea Kao!

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