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Sac Tu Khai Doan Pagoda is one of the most famous temples here. The ancient but trendy beauty attracts many tourists to this place.

A brief overview of Khai Doan pagoda in Dak Lak

Located at 117 Phan Boi Chau Street, Thong Nhat Ward, Khai Doan Sac Tu Pagoda is the largest ancient temple in Buon Ma Thuot city and the whole of Dak Lak province. This place leaves many imprints not only on Buddhism but also a special highlight in history. This is not only the first temple of a Buddhist organization in Dak Lak, but also the last temple in Vietnam to be awarded the title of the feudal regime.

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The name of the pagoda is named after King Khai Dinh and Queen Doan Huy. In addition, the pagoda is also known as Sac Tu Khai Doan Tu, Big Pagoda or Tinh Hoi Pagoda. The temple was built in 1951 with two main parts, the post-ancestor and the preacher, until 1953 the temple began to build the main hall. This architecture is maintained to this day.

The unique architecture of Khai Doan pagoda in Dak Lak

The architecture of Khai Doan Dak Lak pagoda is designed in the style of Hue ruong house combined with the Tay Nguyen stilt house style. The pagoda has a little bit of modern architecture mixed in because it was built in 1951, when Western culture had penetrated into Vietnam for a long time. The pagoda has the main yellow-brown color, creating an ancient and rustic look that is extremely impressive for visitors to visit.

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From afar, visitors can admire the whole temple with its special architecture. The roof of the temple is a soft, curved tile roof that harmonizes with the surrounding landscape creating a wonderful scene. Like other pagodas, Khai Doan Dak Lak pagoda is in front of the three-door gate, next is the main hall, and behind is the ancestor.

It is worth noting that the columns in the main hall are made of ironwood, making us feel more solid. The main hall features a majestic statue of Shakyamuni Buddha along with a large bronze bell. According to the monks at the temple, this Buddha statue is made of bronze, 1.1m high, the lotus is made of precious wood, meticulously carved. The bronze bell up to 1.15m high was cast by artisans in Hue citadel in 1954. In addition, the pagoda also has a shrine to worship Bodhisattva Quan Am built next to it with a hexagonal shape.

Currently, many tourists come to visit and worship Buddha. It is also for this reason that this place has become a famous spiritual tourist destination when traveling to Buon Ma Thuot city. There is a note to visitors that when you want to visit and worship Buddha, people must take off their shoes to keep the sanctity and cleanliness of the temple.

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